Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy

School Website

Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy (ICCA) is a Catholic, parochial, co-educational institution which seeks to provide a quality education for its students. The school assists student’s growth in all aspects of their being – physical, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and spiritual. The primary mission of ICCA is to teach the message of Jesus Christ and to implant in the students the values He taught. The development of students into committed Catholics, while at the same time respecting the religious beliefs and practices of non-Catholics, is a priority of the parish staff, the administration and the faculty. There is an integration of religious instruction and experience into all phases of the students’ daily schedule.

The academic goal of ICCA is to educate children so that they are able to take their rightful places in a rapidly changing society. The school implements accepted educational theories and practices in planning for the intellectual development of all students at all grade levels. ICCA adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Department of Education of the State of NY.

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