The Sunday offertory is critical to the vitality of our parish. Not just to pay the bills that continue to accrue, but to sustain the life-giving works carried out each day by our dedicated personnel, devoted clergy, and faithful lay leaders. I am pleased to announce that we now offer electronic giving through a simple tool that provides you with the opportunity to support the parish in a way that is convenient and secure, while remaining in the safety of your home.

Our new online giving partner is GiveCentral, and we want you to know that 100% of the donations you make through GiveCentral come to the parish.

Donations can be made using a bank account or credit card, scheduled in advance to occur on a recurring basis, or as individual one-time gifts. With your first donation you can create a confidential username and password, allowing you to edit your donation schedule at any time.
If current conditions are challenging and you’re unable to donate, please provide us with your contact information so we can keep in touch with you.

GiveCentral makes it easy to donate or share your contact information.

A) From your mobile phone, text our new text-to-engage number: 347-727-0880.

1) Text the word SUNDAY for a quick link to make an offertory gift.
2) Text the keyword QUICK to update your contact information so we can stay in touch with you in the coming weeks.

B) From your tablet or desktop computer:

1) Donate from our express giving page at:
2) Update your contact information at:

Do you donate through GiveCentral to the Annual Catholic Appeal? Great! You can use your existing GiveCentral profile to make your gift to our parish:

Log in to your GiveCentral profile at

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