Parish Mission Statement:

Immaculate Conception Parish is a multi-cultural Catholic Parish called in LOVE, rich in GIFTS and one in GOD. Our mission is rooted in our Baptism, the Gospel, the Eucharist and the Passionist charism. We are a people seeking to welcome, respond to and serve a diversity of persons and needs in a changing community. We do this through the celebration of the sacraments, faith formation and compassionate outreach.



Our Parish is staffed by the Congregation of the Passion (C.P.) – U.S. Eastern Province

The Passionists, a family of priests, brothers and laity, reach out with compassion to the crucified of today. We keep alive the memory of Christ’s passion through our commitment to community, prayer, ministries of the Word, and service to those who suffer. We welcome all who seek renewed life through the power of the Cross and the hope of the Resurrection.

We Passionists proclaim God’s love for the world revealed through the Passion of Jesus Christ.

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