Please pray for the following parishioners, their families, or friends, many of whom have been stricken with the Covid-19 viral illness.

In our mourning for those who have died:

  • Myrna Anolin, parishioner
  • Rafael Ayala, father of Eleanor Montierde, food pantry team member
  • Paz Bides and Rogelio Bides
  • Mila Blas, friend
  • Frank Bonfiglio, friend
  • Rosina Borjas, parishioner
  • Robert A. Burkard, nephew of Ed Burkard
  • Jose M. Caceres, Jr., uncle of Tricia Raboy Santos, parishioner, ICCA staff
  • Roque Calicdan, brother of Dr. Raul Calicdan
  • Leonila Capito, sister of Max and Henry Capito (& Sister in law of Leni and Maria Capito)
  • Rosalinda Cervantes, sister of Minda Ealdama, parishioner
  • Gemma Colangelo, parishioner
  • Solange Coupet, parishioner
  • Mike Cruise, friend, nursing home resident
  • Christian Davis, friend
  • Maria Norma De Guzman, sister of Corazon Cruz, EM
  • Lolita C. Dofredo, wife of Gilbert Dofredo, parishioners
  • Teofilo Espanol, wife if Mila Espanol, brother-in-law of Tioquinto Solomon, friends of ICC
  • Aurea Espejo, parishioner
  • Dionisio (Dennis) Espiritu, charismatic Mass sound technician, father of Dionner
  • Trifonia Floro, devotee of San Lorenzo Ruiz and Mother of Perpetual Help
  • Felipe Gagui, Jr., brother of Mila Espanol, friend of ICC
  • Vittorio Gallazzini (in Italy), father of Mark Gallazzini, father-in-law of Claire Gallazzini, parishioners
  • Jose A. Garcia, father of Rose Burkard, Ed’s wife
  • Tammy Hendricks, friend
  • Sael Kalaw, cousin of Jean Kalaw, parishioner
  • Violet Laurence, aunt of Lisa Hollingsworth, parishioner
  • Ceferino Leston, husband of Marta Leston, parishioners
  • Joseph Lewinger, TMLA faculty member
  • Philip Lewis, husband of Erica Lewis, Monastery chief health aide
  • Dr. Eduardo Millado, brother-in-law of Tita Edith Libramonte
  • Zammin Nabibaksh, friend of Ed Burkard
  • Carol Ott, cousin of Barbara Malisewski, Pastoral Minister at ICC
  • Ralph Oviedo, friend of Mercy Calma, parishioner
  • Loida Pecson, sister-in-law of Flora Umali, ICC choir member
  • Roberta (Kaplan) Puglisi, sister-in-law of Lila Garofalo, ICC choir member and flutist
  • Sarah B. Purcell, parishioner
  • Ellen Reyes, former long-time parishioner, choir member, sister of Lorna Acera, parishioner
  • Virginia Reyes, cousin of Tito Nick Libramonte
  • Olive Roach, mother of Andrew Roach, ICCA maintenance crew
  • Sonny Roberto
  • Martha Rojas, aunt of Wendy Carew, kindergarten teacher at ICCA
  • Marie Roy, sister-in-law of Mireille Leys
  • Cyril Rozario, father of Chitra Rozario
  • Denise Saurel, parishioner
  • Eileen Sinn, CCD parent
  • Edward and Ann Smith, parents of Stephen Smith, friend of Ed Burkard
  • Tioquinto Solomon, parishioner, brother-in-law of Teofilo Espinal
  • Msgr. Romualdo Sosing, priest of the San Lorenzo Ruiz center
  • Gerry Roger Valasta, son of Elena Ferrer, wife of Oscar Ferrer
  • Laura Villanueva, sister of Rose Calicdan
  • Felix Vivas, Jr., and Jaime Oliva Vivas, brothers of Matty Lerum, parishioner
  • Terry Winslow, long-time ICC Parish secretary

In our concern for those who are sick:

  • Angelica Bautista, sister of Leni Capito
  • Helen Bonfiglio, friend, wife of Frank Bonfiglio
  • Mary Groppe Ehret, Charles Ehret, Rita Ehret, Sam Ehret, family of Charlie Groppe, parishioner.
  • Eduardo Gaqui, brother of Mila Espanol, friend of ICC
  • Rafael Herrera, parishioner
  • Lourdes Cadavillo Mortel, mother of Leni Capito
  • Members of our Passionist Community
  • Juanita Scott, parishioner
  • Jose Enrique Rojas, cousin of Wendy Carew, kindergarten teacher at ICCA

And in our thanksgiving for those who have recovered:

  • Stephanie Ayala, aunt of Christine, ICC choir member
  • Inessa Banayan, ICC song leader and soloist
  • Angela Doherty, ICCA faculty (Husband and brother also.)
  • Kevin Espanol, friend of ICC
  • Mila Espanol, wife of Teofilo Espanol, mother of Kevin, friends of ICC
  • Dionner Espiritu, charismatic Mass musician (guitarist), son of Dennis (Dionisio) RIP and Riz
  • Riz Espiritu, mother of charismatic Mass team member
  • A. J. Fulgado, son of Drs. Leonard and Menchee Fulgado, parishioners
  • Emanuel (Manny) Generoso, ICC on-site janitor
  • Mireille Leys, Pastoral Minister at ICC
  • Tony Miranda, ICC choir member, husband of Franca Ferrer, also ICC choir member
  • Christine Montierde, ICC choir member, granddaughter of Rafael Ayala
  • Marian Osorio, neice of Mila Espanol
  • Franco Pacific, husband of Mariel Pacific, our former song-leader and soloist, and Michael and Olivia, their children
  • Dr. Erika Washington Regalado, CCD parent
  • Chitra Rozario, lector and EM
  • Joseph Sanges, friend of Ed Burkard
  • Benjamin H. Santos, Tricia Raboy Santos, Dr. Zenaida Santos
  • Melanie Spiess, wife of Barbara Patak’s (ICCA) nephew
  • Rafael Suero, musician, ICC Spanish Mass
  • Angel Vivas, brother of Matty Lerum
  • Hemina Vivas, sister-in-law of Matty Lerum
  • Yolanda Zuniga, sister of Hemina Vivas

V. We pray to the Lord. R. Lord, hear our prayer.

9 thoughts on “Prayers Requested

  • April 8, 2020 at 1:09 AM

    I ‘ll pray for all of those listed above and their close friends and relatives.

  • April 23, 2020 at 1:07 PM

    Please remember my friend, Michael Cruise, who died this morning (4/22) of COVID in St. John’s Hospital

  • April 25, 2020 at 8:25 PM

    Please pray for repose of soul of Sarah B. Purcell, longtime Parishioner.

  • May 1, 2020 at 10:04 PM

    Please add Lolita C. Dofredo, parishioner, to the list of “In our mourning for those who have died”

    Gilbert Dofredo and Family

  • May 3, 2020 at 3:00 PM

    In your prayers think of Rafael Herrera, Parishioner

  • May 17, 2020 at 10:59 AM

    Please pray for Paulino Bucaoto, devoted parishoner, who passed away 10 years ago today.

  • August 2, 2020 at 2:03 PM

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Aurea Espejo, long-time parishioner, who passed away on July 18th

    Thank you!

  • March 6, 2021 at 3:33 PM

    Please pray for the repose soul of my cousin, Marlon F. Nestor, Today makes his 40 days since he passed.

    • March 28, 2021 at 3:21 PM

      Please pray for Madeleine Dorvelus Dorvil who passed away 47th years ago around this time.


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